Singapore’s ideal To ideal Announces Special October CCTV Packages


SINGAPORE — One of Singapore’s leading closed-circuit television (CCTV) specialists, ideal To ideal PTE LTD, announced a number of new packages on the company’s website at From now until the end of October 2016, ideal To ideal clients can choose from four new all-inclusive CCTV installation options, each including lifetime support with no ongoing fees or subscription costs. Ranging in price from S$680 for an expandable single-camera system to S$1280 for a four-camera setup, GST included, each package comes with a terabyte of reliable surveillance hard disk space for the storage of audio and full-HD video. All four ideal To ideal systems can be monitored live from any Internet-connected location by making use of either a web-based service or a convenient mobile app. With the four special packages being available through the end of October 2016, those interested are encouraged to visit soon to arrange for installation, setup, and testing.

“More people and businesses in Singapore are taking security seriously, and there are some powerful tools available to those who do so,” ideal To ideal representative Serena said, “As a special for the month of October, we’ve put together a collection of CCTV packages that provide everything needed to get started. With the systems including one to four Two-megapixel, weatherproof, IR cameras and plenty of storage space, setting up a home or place of business with a security system that can be monitored from anywhere has never been easier or more affordable. These special offers are only good until the end of October 2016 , so we invite those interested to head to soon to have a look.”

Singapore is known worldwide as a nation with impressively low rates of crime. While many factors contribute to this achievement, the Singaporean government itself has credited the widespread deployment of CCTV cameras with helping to catch criminals and put them behind bars. Starting in 2012, for example, over 50,000 police-operated cameras were installed in Housing Board developments around the island, with every such block scheduled to be equipped with at least one by the end of the year.

As one of the country’s leading CCTV specialists, ideal To ideal helps families and businesses take advantage of the same security-enhancing power that Singapore’s government has employed with such success. With skilled, in-house experts covering everything from cabling, setup, and after-sales support to assistance with product selection, ideal To ideal provides CCTV solutions that combine value and reliability with flexibility and accessibility.

For the month of October, ideal To ideal is offering a special selection of four all-inclusive CCTV packages, each detailed in full at the company’s website. With no ongoing subscription fees required, each package includes installation, setup, and a lifetime of free support, in addition to remote, Internet-based monitoring and viewing of recordings. Site visitors will also find contact information that can be used to inquire about special requirements or make an appointment for an installation.

About ideal To ideal PTE LTD:
Since 2003, ideal To ideal has been one of Singapore’s top providers of CCTV systems, IP cameras, and related equipment, with in-house installers, support personnel, and product experts providing custom-tailored service to every client.

A Beginners Guide To Receptionists

What To Consider When Choosing The Right Virtual Office Services Having to have the best of virtual office services are taking various formats including telecommuting and using the Internet to work, and rendering services that are best for people. There are several businesses that are now employing the best of virtual office services so they can always work remotely and utilize the Internet to go about their operations even when they are at home or in far off places. The main advantages of these virtual office services are being able to have an office address and contact number virtually where people can contact the business, without the business managers being able to shoulder the expenses of the rooms and offices where the business is conducted. The people who make use of the virtual office services are being able to work remotely in the comfort of their own homes inside of renting out spaces and offices. These are perfect for business owners who are practical enough to see the possibility of working from homes when operating their businesses in the best ways that they can. When these virtual office services are concerned, business owners are benefitting from the fact that the business center is very efficient and either they can get the mails personally or they can take the mails to your personal and physical address. There are several virtual office service providers who are bound to provide rooms at the address should you need to meet clients personally. There are also options that are provided such as telephone numbers and receptionists who are working virtually to answer the needs of the clients for smoother communication. When these virtual office services are used, then almost all businesses can benefit from having the liberty to set up their offices and addresses and use them as long as the business operates. Selecting the right virtual office providers for your needs is necessary to succeed.
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Before arriving at the solutions from the virtual office providers, you should be able to consider factors to choose these providers. There are certain providers that offer business addresses and telephone machines all in one and this is something that you should note. It has been advised that you should take it further by finding virtual office providers that can offer these services and search around your local area.
Looking On The Bright Side of Phones
One thing that can help you out is searching for the actual locations of these virtual office providers to make certain that you are able to take your businesses further with these services. It is also necessary that you determine whether these locations can be matching to the vision of the brand. Orient your staff and receptionists to carry the brands of the businesses in the best ways that they can.

The 9 Most Unanswered Questions about Packaging

How to Pick a Dependable Contract & Food Packaging Company The attention of prospective and current buyers of your food products is best caught with attractive packaging. For that to happen, you must ensure to give credence to the color, style, and design of your packaging. You must, therefore, select an excellent food packaging company to get every detail in place. Below are top tips for selecting a packaging company for your food products. Sometime in the future, your food producing company may plan to produce beverages because that industry goes well with foodstuff manufacture. The company you pick must, therefore, have a range of offerings that will accommodate your expansion once it takes place. So, pick a firm that caters to the packaging needs of a variety of industries that are related to foodstuffs. Check the materials in use by a food packaging manufacturer. Food items are extremely sensitive, so make an evaluation of how suitable the material is for your product type. The barrier properties, for instance, have to be checked since they are determinants of whether or not oxygen and moisture will get through the packaging and destroy the contents inside. Note too that the absence of oxygen maintains the crispiness and flavor of food while slowing its spoilage rate.
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Online you will come across a list with the top food packaging companies that you can pick from. Additionally, you will find out about the desirable characteristics that make the companies appear on the list, which you can use for decision-making. It will now be easy to pick the best a contract packaging company.
The 5 Laws of Services And How Learn More
Prompt order delivery is essential when picking a food packaging company. For that, the contract manufacturing firm needs a clear understanding of your manufacturing and distribution activities. You don’t want to keep your customers waiting for their merchandise just because there are delays in the delivery of packaging material by the respective manufacturer. A good food packaging company always has your target audience in mind when designing the product. For instance, kids like packaging that feature decorations, so if your company deals with children’s products, these aspects have to be present. It is also evident from studies that most shoppers give preference to products with attractive packaging over those by reputable companies with well-known brands. Dependable food packaging companies can accommodate orders of any size. Selecting a small contract packaging company will hurt your business operations because the shortage of packaging material will be a recurrent matter. Check if the food packaging company is appropriately capitalized since you may have to choose another one later on if your production goes up. There are several regulations that the food packaging company must adhere to. Remember that failure to comply may hurt your business because you will be prohibited from selling your food products to the public by the government.